Did you ever think how much junk do you discard off every year and what happens to it or where exactly does it go? A large part of rubbish that couldn’t be used for recycling is dumped in the landfill. But in today’s advanced world where nothing seems to be impossible, recycling of this scrap had brought in a major change in the market, especially when it comes to copper scrap recycling.

It has been more than 10,000 years since copper is utilized by the people throughout the world. After all, its amazing property and uses is all that makes it a useful metal to process and supply. What’s more interesting is: copper is the only nonferrous metal which doesn’t degrade (in terms of quality) even after undergoing several rounds of recycling. And to the top of that, this recycled copper could be used to carve almost every sort of product that is created from pure copper, excluding copper wire.

Note that there are several environmental advantages to copper recycling i.e. reducing pollution from the environment, decreasing the total amount of scrap dumped in the landfill, preserving natural resources on the earth, and the list goes on. What’s more? The process of copper alloys and copper recycling is comparatively inexpensive and consumes minimal power. In fact, the energy, cost, and time needed to extract the original copper from the virgin ore are relatively more than recycling the already used copper. This is because when copper is extracted, it has to undergo multiple treatments including smelting, mining, crushing, and refining to be used for further production.

How to escalate the prices of your copper scrap?

Now coming to the scrap copper prices, as it is one of the highly demanded metals in scrap yards and almost every second metal processing industry, copper prices Sydneyare always on a rise. Its rate varies significantly depending upon certain factors. The type of copper, quantity, and quality of the copper scrap, its grade, and other vital aspects influence the prices of this scrap largely.

If you have collected ample copper products and are planning to sell it, make sure to sort it before heading to the scrap yards. You believe it or not, but sorting the copper according to its grade is the only possible way to enhance the value of your junk and fetch a considerable price out of it.

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