We are one of the best Aluminium recycling companies in Sydney. We also specialise in recycling a wide range of scrap metals ranging from copper, scrap wire/cable scrap, and copper, to brass, etc. We have expertise in a free pick up services in and around Sydney.

We have a wide range of trucks that can come to your place (backyard, garage, etc.) to pick up the scrap metal. We have a well-trained and expert staff with years of experience and expertise in the domain. Our project managers are always there to help you from weighing your aluminium scrap material to fast payment.

We take aluminium because it is fully recyclable and helps to save environment. You will also be surprised to know that it never loss its properties after recycling or you say “quality” during the entire recycling process, which makes it a wonderful option for recycling.

One of the best things is that recycling of scrap aluminium uses only 5% of the energy as well as emits only 5% of the greenhouse gases. That is why; more and more people have started believing in Aluminium recycling. They collect all the scrap aluminium and give it to their nearby aluminium recycling company. This will not only save the environment and its layers, but also empower the society in a big way.

Did you know?

  • Aluminium is the 3rd most abundant element in the earth’s crust.
  • Around two-thirds of aluminium ever produced is still in use today.

One of the best things for industries is that aluminium can be easily recycled without compromising its core elements. Besides that, it is strong, flexible, durable, light, and corrosion resistant metal that is known for its own toughness. In fact, it is 100% recyclable too. It can also be combined with a great number of different elements, and it can take many form as per the requirements.

Sustainable and widely recognised

All these things/properties make it even more appealing. Since it is versatile, it is used in many industries. It is a popular metal among home owners too. Its applications are endless, such as building and construction; air, road, rail as well as sea transport. In addition, it is used in packaging electronics, and other material etc. Besides that it is sustainable metal and widely recognised all around the world.

Need of Aluminium Recycling

Today, more and more industries are facing many environmental challenges and people look towards a more sustainable future, that is why; it makes sense to embrace “Aluminium Recycling”. Since there various issues are prevailing in the society regarding metal industry, environment, greenhouse, etc. It is ideal to recycle aluminium because it offers many known and unknown advantages.

Get rid of the aluminium scrap metal

Whether you are looking for an extra income or just want to get rid of the aluminium scrap metal, you can always choose us. We have the experience and ability to provide you with the best price without any hassle. Our team will take scrap aluminium in any form you may have. Some people have high-quality and hard to find aluminium, while some have mixed; irrespective of its shape and size, we take it for recycling.

We follow the best industry practices

We follow the best industry practices that are ethical and highly standardised too. We know the rules, approaches as well as safety measures, when it comes to Aluminium Recycling. That is why; we have employed the most experienced employees who understand the nature of their job.

We will do our job in the most dedicated manner and give you complete peace of mind. If you live in Sydney, then you should look no further. Contact us now