We are a well-established business with a good reputation in the industry in Sydney. We accept scrap metals, scrap batteries, and steel. We also recycle catalytic converters, electric motors, etc. Believe it or not, recycling is a vital part of acting sustainably. You might be aware of the fact that the contribution of scrap metal recycling or scrap batteries recycling towards environment is great.

Its time to saves our natural resources

It saves our natural resources and also enable us to cut the cost of extraction process. We collect scrap batteries and other hazardous products from homeowners, manufacturing plants and other industries as well as take it to the recycling facility in a safe way.

We collect batteries because scrap batteries have non-renewable metals

We specifically collect batteries because scrap batteries have non-renewable metals like lead, cadmium, nickel, steel, zinc, etc. Many type of batteries also contain rare earth elements. We can’t dispose such batteries because they can spoil the overall integrity of the earth. In fact, Governments also focus on recycling to prevent environmental damage.

Certain batteries can explode

According to some statistics, certain batteries can explode or even catch fire in landfill and damage the entire area. Such batteries can be easily found in our household products, that is why; it makes sense to get rid of them by giving it to recycle specialists. In a nutshell, battery recycling is a safe and environmentally friendly solution for us. According to a report, “ the recovery and recycling of batteries will reduce pollution from landfills.”

Recycling batteries is necessary

Did you know?

Approximately 264 million handheld batteries reach the end of their useful life in Australia each year.

Today, most of the organizations and governments are focusing reducing toxic chemicals from the environment, which can be done by recycling batteries because they have toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury, etc. That is why; scrap batteries recycling is the finest and safest option to consider. It prevents hazardous waste to penetrate the earth and protects the entire environment, making it safe for living. Besides that, approx. 77% of people agreed with the statement that it is essential to recycle used or scrap batteries rather than dispose of them with general rubbish.

Unquestionably, systematic removal of scrap batteries as well as other electronic products from household and industry waste will always help to support the production of quality organic products from alternative waste facilities.

We have a scrap batteries collection program

We believe that the best way to recover the most toxic batteries is to provide consumers with a simple and comfortable option of collection scrap batteries. It will help them to get rid of the toxic substance in a friendly manner.

We provide the best possible value – are you ready?

If you have scrap batteries, you can contact us any time. We will give you the best possible prices for your unwanted scrap Batteries so that you can earn extra cash. We provide the best possible value of your unwanted batteries by calculating its exact prices. However, it is good to know the prices in advance because they are subject to change.

We collect scrap batteries from your place

You will be surprised to know that batteries of all types are a widely accepted for processing all across Australia. If you have batteries of any type, you will be able to make good money. We collect scrap batteries and provide your cash. We will do our job and give you complete peace of mind. If you have such items at your home, give us a call, and our friendly staff will pick them up for you.