Did you know that 98% of the components in your computer or television can be fully recycled? We provide e-waste recycling services to our customers. Our aim is to deliver the better environmental outcomes and protect it, as well as support our community. We achieve these by maintaining the best industry practices and following rules. We always consider safety, and collaboration as an essential parts of our business.

E Waste is environmentally damaging

We all know that e-waste is made up of totally discarded electronics as well as electrical components. These items/products can be environmentally damaging and have harmful impact because they contain toxic as well as hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, etc. That is why; it is important to choose e-waste Recycling services to protect our environment.

Governments have started banning e-waste in landfills

Besides that, you might have heard that more and more Governments have started banning e-waste in landfills and encouraging people for the proper, safe management of hazardous materials. It will lead to stable industry and more jobs as well. It will also benefit community in a big way. We collect e-waste from homes and industries and systematically send it to a recycling facilities in and around Sydney.

The collected e-waste items are properly sorted, dismantled as well as categorized into core components which go through specific recycling processes. We accept everything from CD players, computers, mobile phones, monitors, CD players, TVs,etc.

We collect e-waste

We collect e-waste because it is dangerous for health and well-being. They have a wide range of materials, which can harm the environment as well. Today, e-waste is growing like never before; in fact, 3 times faster than general waste, due to increased technology usage, reduced product lifespan as well as high consumer demand.

Our services are helpful to –

  • Reduce landfill
  • Improve environment
  • Save water and air as well as energy
  • Protect the air and waterways
  • Preventing harmful materials to penetrate earth
  • Reduce greenhouse gases created in the production

E-waste can be any electrical or electronic thing

E-waste can be any electrical or electronic thing you find in your home. They can range from the simple TVs to laptops and other huge machines. You can also find E-waste in garbage/garage all around the neigborhood, even in other regions as well. Most people who don’t know its value and throw it. We collect E-waste and help them to save the community.

We will give you the best possible rates

If you have E-waste, you can contact us. We will give you the best possible rates for your unwanted E-waste so that you can earn extra cash. We provide the best possible value of your E-waste by calculating the prices based on the prevailing conditions. You will be surprised to know that E-waste is a widely accepted material for scrap processing.

Why choose us?

  • Same day service
  • Free pick up across the region
  • Best prices
  • We have well-equipped trucks and well-trained staff

We follow the best industry practices

We follow the best industry practices that are ethical and highly standardised too. We know the rules, protocols and safety measures. We have employed the most experienced employees who understand the nature of their job. if you are planning to recycle e-waste for cash, don’t wait. Give us a call to sell your e-waste, or whatever waste it is, at the best price.

Our goal is to offer quick customer service as well as a wide range of benefits to our customers and help them to save the environment. We understand our duties and responsibility to future generations. Contact us now…