We are one of the best brass recycling companies in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in recycling a wide range of scrap metals ranging from copper, scrap wire/cable scrap, and copper, to aluminium, etc. We have expertise in a free pick up services. We have a wide range of trucks as well as equipment that can come to your place in order to pick up the scrap metal from your backyard. We have a trained staff who will help you at every stage. Our experienced project managers will always there for scrap collection as well as payment.

Recycling of brass scrap

We take brass because the entire brass industry depends on the recycling of brass scrap; otherwise it would not be possible for them to survive. It must be noted that making brass from new copper as well as zinc would be absolutely uneconomical, and you will be surprised to know that brass is said to be sustainable. That is why; understanding the current industry scenario, and to reduce the waste, we are here to provide you complete brass recycling services. Whether you are in or around Sydney, we are always there to assist you.

Applications of brass

There are many applications of brass such as screws, door bolts, locks door handles, hooks, rails, buttons, zip, fasteners, etc. That is why; it makes sense to collect it and recycle it for further use. Along with this, most of the brass components are hidden, but plays a vital role in vehicles; they are often located in seat belt fittings. You will be surprised to know that brass is known for its ease of machinability.

Did you know?

  • Brass has electrical conductivity, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • Brass has high thermal conductivity and strength.

Brass has a wide range of industrial uses

In fact, it is corrosion resistant too and have great features and properties, which makes it ideal for different applications. In addition, it is perfect for a wide range of industrial uses too. Whether you are a home owner or an industry owner, you must have scrap brass metal in your backyard or warehouse. You can contact us to know the prices as well as give it to us for recycling.

Bras is easy to shape, and durable

Brass also have a wide range of colours ranging from red to yellow. It can also be blended with other metals and when polished looks brilliant. They are easy to shape, and are durable too. They are also used to enhance the appearance of new buildings inside and out.

Do you know that recycling scrap brass contributes to a significant saving in greenhouse gas emissions?

If you have brass scrap, you can contact us

We will give you the best possible rates for your unwanted brass metal so that you can earn extra cash from the rubbish. We provide you with the best possible value of your brass by calculating its prices based on the prevailing factors and conditions. However, it is advised to know the prices in advance because they are subject to change and remains volatile all the time.

You will be surprised to know that brass is a widely accepted metal for scrap processing all across Australia. Even its cost is high. If you have brass metal in any form, you will be able to make good money. We collect scrap brass in any form. We will do our job and give you complete peace of mind. If you live in Sydney, then you should look no further. If you have scrap brass and wish to bring to us, give us a call, and our friendly staff will pick them up for you.